According to, the bank debt of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has become less, his real estate assets have not changed and he made a couple of millions of forints from book publishing – the wealth statement said.

The 2015 Parliament’s wealth declaration of Orbán is available on his website. The deadline was January 31.

The Prime Minister did not buy a new real estate, so he is still half owner of a 12th district condo in Budapest which was purchased in 2002. In addition the declaration contains the jointly owned inner lands bought in 2006, which has been used by the Felcsút Foundation freely for 50 years, and his Felcsút house that was bought in 2013.

According to, Viktor Orbán does not have cars, high value belongings or economic belongings.

He has HUF 5 million 53 thousand on his account shared with her wife (last year they had HUF 930 thousand). He indicated he had a HUF 5.5 million income from book publishing.

The Prime Minister borrowed HUF 20 million mortgage loan with his wife in 2002. Now they have HUF 7 million 167 thousand debt left. It means he repaid 1 million 122 thousand forints in one year.

Viktor Orbán has income as Prime Minister and MP, but he does not receive remuneration for the chairmanship of Fidesz, reported.

Photo: MTI

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