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Budapest is an ever-increasing favourite among tourists, a lot of whom arrive on the Danube. It is good news for them that now they can choose to get on a new luxury cruise that takes them to the Hungarian capital, reports

The luxurious Crystal Cruises, gaining fame in the past decades for both river and sea cruises, has a new boat, Ravel, that got its name in Budapest. Ravel will frequent Budapest as well as Vienna and will make the occasional appearance in Bratislava, too. However, getting the chance to marvel at the views from the deck is quite pricey.

Crystal Cruises was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters in the US. However, they only appeared on the river cruise scene two years ago. The company has ships sailing on the rivers of Western and Central Europe under Maltan flags.

They are all named after world-famous composers such as Bach, Mozart, Mahler, Debussy and Ravel.

Mahler has mostly visited Hungary, the luxury cruise added to Crystal Cruises as 3rd, in 2017. It travels between Amsterdam and Budapest every month and also connects Regensburg to the Hungarian capital. A 16-day Amsterdam-Budapest cruise costs around 10-14 thousand USD, depending on the season, while a 7-day Regensburg tour is 5 thousand USD.

ship, boat, cruises, river
Crystal Cruises boat in Budapest

The new Ravel, christened in Budapest, has a Hungarian captain and will travel between Vienna and Budapest. The cruise has every possible luxury item on board, so tickets for a 7-day trip cost 3500-4000 USD per person one way. It is also possible to go on a cruise through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary on board the Ravel, for which tickets cost around 5000 USD.

The newest addition of luxury cruise is already trendy. All 84 tickets have been sold out for the next two cruises to Vienna.

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