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MTI Photo: Noémi Bruzák

The shipping season has begun in Budapest on Sunday with thirty boats, as Turizmus.com reported. This event provided a great experience for a thousand disadvantaged children who were aboard.

State secretary of Ministry of Justice Pál Völner, who is the chairman of the Hungarian Yachting Association, claimed that the boats on the Danube – which is about to have a spectacular new bridge – are used well compared to their numbers, as about 2.5 million people use their different services every year.

VÖLNER Pál danube sail
Pál Völner
MTI Photo: Noémi Bruzák

He stated that one of the greatest tourist attractions is seeing the most famous monuments of Hungary from the Danube – even from a special water taxi – just like Gellér Hill and the Hungarian Parliament.

About 200,000 tourists watch the popular sights from the board of the hotel ships each year.

The state secretary also highlighted that the development of the Danube bend, the renewal of the harbours and the fleets would receive about 32 million euros of support. Moreover, a new program is initiated on River Tisza with a framework of 16 million euros, involving the purchase of some new cruise ships.

Photo: MTI/Noémi Bruzák

Source: Turizmus.com

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