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Bubi bike system will be expanded, if there will be money

Bubi bike system will be expanded, if there will be money

According to, one of the Budapest Deputy Mayors promised it at the event where the capital and MOL (Hungarian Oil and Gas Public Limited Company) celebrated the one millionth bike rent.

MOL, which sponsoring half of the operating costs of BKK (Budapest Traffic Center) and the public bike system, commemorated in a little ceremony on Thursday that residents and tourists have borrowed Bubi bikes more than a million times since last year’s launch.

Deputy Mayor Balazs Szeneczey said the apple-green bikes are now inseparable from the image of Budapest. Bubi fulfilled the expectations, so the capital would like to expand the system in the outer districts, “depending on the resources available”.

Kalman Daboczi, CEO of BKK thinks Bubi also functions as a kind of “communication channel”, through which you can tell what “managing of traffic” means. As explained “civilized transport options should be offered to the customers and leave them to decide which of these and in which combination they will use. According to him, the public bike system launched last year is a complementary mode of transport “pointing towards sustainability”.

Of course, waving statistics could not be missed at the press conference. According to BKK, 1150 bicycles are waiting for the people in nearly 100 collection centers of 11 Budapest districts. The data show that users rented an average of 2021 bikes, in high season from April to September they rented3167 bikes every day. Most of the pass holders use Bubi bikes several times a week, and since you can bring up to 4 ones at the same time, it is likely that more people use the service than those who are registered. 5072 of various types of passes and 21 752 tickets have been sold so far, wrote.

The person, who borrowed the one millionth bike, was also invited, he/she received valuable gifts from MOL and BKK.

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