coronavirus hungary
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The average age of Covid patients is lower now than in the first wave of the epidemic, when it mainly affected the elderly, the chief medical officer said at an online press conference on Saturday.

Currently, most positive cases come from the 20-29 age group, Cecília Müller said. The “nature” of the second wave is different to that of the first so a different strategy should be followed to contain the epidemic, she added.

The combined average of the cases infected during the two waves is 41 years, but only 35 years for the past ten days.

Müller said hospitals are checked daily to see if the material and personal conditions necessary for treating the patients are available.

There is an action plan for the care of Covid patients; the goal is to treat them in institutions where all the conditions are in place, she said.

If an institution has reached 80 percent of its capacity, the National Centre for Public Health will designate more hospitals to provide care.

Regarding the reduction of the mandatory home quarantine from 14 days to 10 days, the chief medical officer said that international experience had been taken into account, as in ten days, including the incubation period of 5-6 days, the infection will be revealed. In many European countries the mandatory quarantine is already 10 days.

coronavirus hungary
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  1. The “zenith” of this second wave, is expected January 2021, in Budapest, Hungary.
    Trepidation, is the position, that I find my-self currently in.
    This personal position, is dominated by the continual rising new daily level of cases being recorded in Budapest, Hungary.
    Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government, have been exemplary in their Control and Management of this deadly novel coronavirus.
    Governments globally, in their endeavour, still appear un-certain or flippant, to find the correct formula or mix, in their economies, that separates – HEALTH & Economic Management, prioritized, in that order.
    Cases of second waves, in countries, appear to have been caused by the re-opening of economies ,through incorrect timing process, greater people social integration and movement, the relaxing wearing of Masks, especially on public transport and Personal Hygiene standards.
    What can we do – what further steps could we introduce, in our attempt, to slow the rising number of new daily cases of this novel coronavirus in our Communities throughout Budapest and Hungary ?
    The State of Victoria, in Australia, experienced some 2 months back, an alarming second wave of this novel coronavirus.
    New case numbers rose to average 350 day from a level, of around 20.
    Deaths increased dramatically in line with new cases, and from a position, that State of 6 million people, thinking it had Control & Management of this virus, it re-appeared in a devastating aggressive trend, that needed immediate and urgent addressing and attention.
    The catalyst in there second wave, it appears, came about by a horrendous failing of a quarantine system, that totally failed, in its proposed function of isolating people, then releasing them after 14 days, cleared of carrying this deadly virus.
    Victoria, the second largest State in Australia, was forced into closing down ALL of their Metropolitan Districts.
    They legally enforced a 5 kilometer movement range from your house residency, with variation of conditions – Work place, Doctors – essential movement outside the 5 kilometer distance.
    They enforced an 8pm curfew.
    If after 8pm, you needed to be out of your Family house, you had to have acceptable reason or Heavy fines would be imposed.
    This District(s) shut down has proven a success in Victoria, that reflect, in the turn around of their daily numbers of new cases, back to 20 or below, and the number of daily deaths, reduced to a number, that statistically, are reconcilable.
    Victoria, has relaxed the laws to a degree of total district shutdown, but still muchly, under tight community society law enforced operation, that if laws are broken, the fines and penalties, are extremely harsh and severe.
    Could it be considered Budapest, close down it’s Districts – if our new case numbers and deaths continue to rise ?
    We must remain UNITED and SUPPORTIVE to each other, and believe, better times and days will again come, and our lives will again return to a degree of normality.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

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