Miskolc,Hungary. Photo: MTI

A new shipment of the Sinopharm vaccine, 1.2 million doses in all, arrived in Hungary on Sunday, according to Peter Szijjártó, the foreign minister.

With the latest delivery, Hungary’s has received a total of 4.5 million doses of Sinopharm.

Szijjártó said Hungary was grateful to China for making the delivery over two weeks in advance of the May 31 deadline.

“Certainly, every day counts,” he said.

So far 6.5 million vaccine doses “from the East” have arrived in Hungary, he said, adding that without them the current number of recipients of jabs would not have reached 4.6 million.

The minister noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently approved the Sinopharm vaccine. “Everyone can rest assured of this vaccine’s efficacy and safety.”

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