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Houston Texans linebacker Barkevious Mingo fired cannon in Hungary… and it was terrifying and awesome all at the same time reports TMZ. The action all went down at Eger Castle in Eger… and the video of Mingo and the heavy artillery is nuts.

The 6-foot-5, 235-pound NFL player — who’s instructed by a man with a sword — puts his face right up to the cannon… and as it fires, it kicks back at him like a BEAST!! Mingo looks pretty surprised by the explosion — but once he realises he’s fine, he seems to love it!!

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The former No. 6 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft is overseas this month to help bring football to underprivileged communities… and while he was in Hungary on Monday, he decided to take a crack at firing a massive weapon.

The American Football without Barriers program that Mingo is a part of is a really cool experience for NFL fans… and stars like Austin Hooper, Alex Mack and Todd Gurley are all over there with Barkevious for the trip.

Mingo is still in talks to re-sign with the Texans before free agency kicks off later this month and, we’re pretty sure their head coaches would prefer if this is the last weapon they experiment with on the visit.



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