On July 31, Friday night is for the beaches. This year, there will also be Night of the Beaches organized by the Hungarian Bath Association, which moves 50 000 people every year. Longer opening hours, music, programs, fun in the water. Last year, 60 baths participated in the event, joined by another ones this year. There is no restriction for the joiners, so the programs will be very colorful, itthon.blog.hu said.

The baths offer the most varied discounts and programs. There will be where entrance will be cheaper, elsewhere there will be live music, laser show, foam party or sound bath. If we persistently browse the programs, we can find specialties like Mr. and Ms. Beach choice, night candle archery, water gun battle or treasure hunt. Water fitness and aerobics, sauna séance, cocktail and light games are common programs.

In many baths, DJs will play the music for splashing, and it will be where we can see the performances of fire jugglers, comedians, dancers from the water. The opening times are varied, there will be where the closing time is midnight, but there will be where it is just 3 am. You can see the detailed program of the Night of the beaches on the sites of the baths.

based on the article of itthon.blog.hu
translated by BA

Photo: Strandok Ejszakaja Facebook page

Source: http://itthon.blog.hu

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