Two Spanish and one Mexican 20-something girls got in an argument in a nightclub in downtown Budapest this Tuesday, on 12th November at 3 in the morning. They were brought to justice on Thursday by the prosecution of Districts 5 and 13, reports Origo.

One of the Spanish girls took the phone and documents in the phone case from the back pocket of the Mexican girl who stood by the nightclub’s bar. When this was noticed by the victim, she took the phone back from the Spanish girl and confronted her.

That is when the Spanish friend of the Spanish girl arrived, who held a glass in her hand. The Mexican girl pushed her so hard that the contents of her glass all landed on her friend. That was when they started to argue intensely; where they fought not just with words, but they pushed and scratched each other.

All the while, the other Spanish girl, the thief, used their fight as an opportunity to take the Mexican girl’s phone from her pocket again and hide it first in her dress and then in her bag.

In the end, the Mexican girl sought out the help of the security staff, and they called the police. The police found the phone and documents on the Spanish girl, according to Public Prosecutor Dr Tibor Ibolya’s statement.

They all admitted to being guilty and revoked their full right of trial. The court charged the Mexican girl and Spanish friend on one count of affray, while the Spanish girl who took the phone and papers was charged with theft.

The former are both to pay 80 thousand forints while the latter is to pay 120 thousand forints as punishment.

The ruling at first instance was acknowledged by the prosecutor as well as the Spanish girls and their defenders, while the Mexican girl and her defender will use their three-workday-period to submit their legal remedy statements.



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