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Budapest, June 27 (MTI) – The UK’s vote to leave the European Union will not require changes to either this year’s or next year’s budget, the economy minister said in an interview in business daily Világgazdaság’s Monday edition.

Mihály Varga acknowledged the impact on the EU budget — and on development funding — of the UK’s departure, but noted that it would not happen overnight. There is even chance, albeit a small one, that the UK’s exit may not impact the 2014-2020 funding cycle at all, he added.

Varga dismissed speculation in the press that Hungary could leave the EU, too.

“We have no such intention, plan, script, idea or notion,” he told the paper.

The economy ministry is working rather on how to attract companies that may leave the UK to Hungary, he said. The 770-780 British companies that already operate in Hungary are a good reference, Varga added.

Source: mtva.hu

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