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Daily News Hungary

Brussels (MTI) – Migrants will not be distributed among European Union members on a mandatory basis under the closing document of Sunday’s EU-Turkey summit in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said after the event.

Hungary’s interests have been successfully promoted, Orban said.

The document provides “clear guarantees” for Hungary that it will not be obliged to accommodate any migrants unvoluntarily, the prime minister said.

Orban said that the 3 billion euros offered by the EU to help Turkey finance refugee services, would cover a two-year period. He added that Hungary’s contribution of 18 million euros to the European effort was in proportion with the country’s GDP.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. Well done, Viktor Orban.

    You have successfully defended Hungary from invasion by the (Muslim) hordes and guaranteed the future of our great nation.

    18 million euros is a TINY price to pay for Hungarians to remain Hungarians.

    Gratulálok !

  2. Just my two cents, but Victor won the battle today. As in the past, many more to come. Great to know we have a top Magyar commander & chief. Think where we would be today had we gone the DK or LMP route. That would have been a sad day in Hungary or Visegrad states too.!

  3. Congratulations from Germany. It is of paramount importance that Hungary stays clear from any binding quota, not just for the future of Hungary herself, but it will also help to foster a policy change in Germany after Merkel is removed from office.

  4. YES well done without hungarys stance on closing its borders ,imagine the mess Europe would be in now

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