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Starting September 1, there will be no more sleeping or dining cars on international trains.

The Hungarian railway company is suspending sleeping and dining cars on their international trains until further notice, Origo reported. The suspension of the cars is to accommodate government measures and to protect passengers; the cars will be replaced by regular seated cars.

There are no restrictions on the international schedule for the time being, but dining cars will no longer run on Hungária EuroCity’s number 172/173 train running from Budapest Déli station to Hamburg and back. On number 462/463 train of the Kálmán Imre-Wiener Walzer EuroNight train pair running between Budapest Keleti station and München/Zürich, the sleeping cars will not leave from Sunday evening, either.

They added that the Viennese and Terespol dining cars, which were previously scheduled to restart on September 5, will no longer do so.

The railway company gives passengers with a sleeping car ticket a small package to compensate them for having to make the night journey in seated cars. The package includes a sandwich, a “kakaós csiga” (chocolate roll), a carbonated and a non-carbonated mineral water, a juice, napkins and hand sanitiser cloth.

Due to the government’s measures to restrict international travel, MÁV-Start will reimburse the price of international tickets for September without any handling costs, regardless of the destination country, if the passenger cancels the trip.

The company also drew attention to the need to cover the mouth and nose on public transport, including trains, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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