Budapest (MTI) – There is no direct evidence that Hungary has made losses on Volkswagen’s emission scandal, the economy ministry said on Tuesday, in response to the opposition Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party’s question regarding losses.

It would be premature to guess if any tax revenue was lost in connection with the vehicles registered in Hungary, the economy ministry said in a statement.

The PM party said on Monday that Economy Minister Mihaly Varga should disclose the exact amount the Volkswagen scandal had cost Hungary. The party said it had been “saying for weeks” that the tax scandal at Volkswagen meant actual loss in revenues for Hungary.

The ministry’s statement said that results of a German investigation as well as that of the Hungarian Transport Authority would have to come in before any further steps can be taken in this matter. However, it said that the vehicle industry in Hungary was growing and tax revenue was rising steadily, so there were no steps required by the government in this sector.


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