reports that Budapest commemorates the 100th anniversary of the independence of Finland in a very special way: the Aurora, that is the Northern Light, can be witnessed in the capital on this occasion.

This year, Finland celebrates the 100th anniversary of its independence. To commemorate this occasion, several well-known places and buildings get blue and white illumination worldwide.

In Budapest, between 3-6 December, the Embassy of Finland decorates the Elisabeth Bridge with the colours of blue and white symbolising the official flag of the state.

Furthermore, at the Gellért Hill waterfall, the Finnish Institute (the FinnAgora) conjures up the Northern Light, the Aurora Borealis, with the help of a special light installation. This light installation is going to be the visual continuation of the illuminated Elisabeth Bridge.

Elisabeth Bridge at night /pixabay/

The Northern Light idea comes from 2 media artists, András Nagy and László Zsolt Bordos. The Bordos.ArtWorks deals with light painting since 2000s as the visual partner of several national and international theatrical, opera and concert performances. Through their usage of a 3D mapping technique, they are considered to be the pioneers of the genre in America, Australia and Japan. Furthermore, in January 2018, the company is invited to make unique light paintings at the LUX Light Art Festival, too.

One incredible work of the company /facebook/Bordos.ArtWorks/

To make the production an audio-visual performance, Kasperi Laine, one of the best-known Finnish sound designers is going to provide background music. The artist is also known as a rapper, producer and DJ, and for his achievements, he received the prestigious Suomi-prize in 2016. This is the award given by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture to artists who have reached outstanding cultural achievements.

As for the FinnAgora, it operates as an independent cultural institution in Budapest.

Its major aim is to represent and popularize Finland, including the Finnish culture, their scientific achievements, and the Finnish economy and its participants, not only in Hungary, but in the neighbouring countries as well.

The institution supports aspiring contemporary talents, too, and finds it really important to focus on current social questions.

The professional partner of the light installation is the Let it Be! art agency which focuses on cross media and urban projects as the outcomes of the fusion of art and technology. The agency also attempts to provide good project-management background to the young media artists and designers by creating innovative professional cooperation.

The illumination of the Elisabeth Bridge on the occasion of the centenary of the Finnish independence is going to be carried out by the Budapest Flood and Public Lighting Ltd.

If you have the chance, do not forget to witness this special lighting show between 3-6 December. Undoubtedly, it will be an unforgettable experience 🙂

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