Ryanair will launch a direct flight to Nuremberg, reported.

Ryanair will launch a daily direct flight from Budapest to Nuremberg – learned. The flight start has not been officially confirmed yet, but the reservation system of the Irish low-cost airline already includes the destination.

Ryanair confirmed the news for

The cheapest return tickets cost HUF 12.398 (ca EUR 40). The flight will be performed by the Ryanair’s plane stationing at the Nuremberg base. According to the website dealing with cheap travels, Nuremberg will be the 100th airport which will be available via direct flight from Budapest.

Nuremberg has half a million residents; it is the second largest city of Bavaria after Munich. It is the most important economic and cultural center of Northern Bavaria, together with Fürth and Erlangen. Several Holy Roman Emperors resided in Nuremberg.

Photo: Ryanair Facebook site

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