Sometimes, while looking for used cars online, you may encounter some rather interesting ads that you would never expect. Among a five years old combine and a merely used Rover you may find an armored car for sale.

Sd.Kfz. 251 used to be an armored troop carrier vehicle of the German Wehrmacht during World War II, and it is now purchasable in Hungary, as pointed out.

Those who are browsing for some old cars might be surprised by some quite extreme offers. This site does not only offer you bargains involving used vehicles, but some funny moments as well. No one would have thought seventy-five or eighty years ago that such a war truck will be available for anyone in Hungary one day. Not to mention that this once terrifying German war machine will be the subject of laughs by unsuspecting car buyers.

Tatra has made its own version based on the original German war truck. Its slightly altered version is now available.

The Sd.Kfz. 251 with tyres on the front and treads on the back is purchasable for about 59,000 euros. More exactly it is called Tatra OT-810, as it differs slightly from Wehrmacht’s original. Sd.Kfz. 251 was used first in 1939, and the production was taken over by Tatra in Czechoslovakia after World War II. The new manufacturer made some minor changes in the structure. As the German originals are almost impossible to find today, hobbyists and filmmakers often reconstruct them from Tatra OT-810s. The ominous vehicle is one of these. Of course, it cannot be used on public roads, but it is perfectly usable for hobby purposes according to the advertisement.

These might include replaying famous battles from World War II, demonstrating German warfare in exhibitions, or shooting historically accurate war scenes for movies.

The advertisement of the war truck is available here.


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