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Based on the results of a new Eurostat survey published recently, Hungarians are very hostile towards gay people, and this rate is rising. For example, in the EU, Hungarians dislike it the most if they learn that one of their colleagues is homosexual.

Interestingly, more than the EU-average says in Hungary that negative discrimination based on sexual orientation is very rare. 70 pc of Hungarians do not like it

if a man holds another man’s hand.

Among EU member states, the number of those who feel uncomfortable if a man openly shows his emotions towards another rose in Hungary the most. Compared to 2015, the rate of dismissive Hungarians regarding the issue increased by 13 pc, so today, 69 pc of Hungarians fall into this category, Index reported

Vera Jourova, the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality as a member of the Juncker Commission and who will be responsible in the next commission for the rule of law in EU countries, said that negative feelings towards members of the LGBTI community are still present in the EU, but their intensity is very

different in different countries.

She added that the situation is getting better in the EU, and today, 53 pc of Europeans say that in their countries, negative discrimination based on sexual orientation is present.

Based on the results of the Eurostat survey, 76 pc of Europeans say that LGBTI people deserve the

same rights as heterosexuals. 

However, while in Sweden, this rate is 98 pc, in Hungary, it is only 48 pc, and the lowest rate in this respect is in Slovakia with only 31 pc.

55 pc of Hungarians do not agree with the statement that there is nothing problematic in homosexual relations while the EU average in this issue is 76 pc. 61 pc of Hungarians reject same-sex marriage while only 6 pc of Swedes agree with them. The rate of those who do not agree to give an identity card regarding their gender for transgender and transsexual people is the highest in Hungary (72 pc) while the EU average is only 29 pc, and in Spain, the rate of rejection is only 8 pc. Thus, it is not surprising that most Hungarians (77 pc) do not agree to allow a third opportunity to be present beside “man” and “woman” in official documents.

It can be stated that Hungarians are at the end of the list in every category, way below the EU average. They are followed by Romania, Bulgaria, and the Baltic states, and the EU average is mostly twice as much as the Hungarian. Hungarians

would not like to have an LGBTI colleague

and would not like their children to learn about sexual minorities in school.

However, more Hungarians (42 pc) said that negative discrimination based on sexual orientation is less rare in Hungary than the EU average (40 pc).

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