Óbánya mecsek nature village

Óbánya will definitely enchant everyone who loves forests, streams, waterfalls, and the small but charming mountain villages. Femina collected all of the reasons why everyone should visit the Hungarian Switzerland. The photos really speak for themselves.

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Óbánya is located in the Mecsek mountain range in South Hungary, in Baranya County. It can be found North of the city of Pécs, which is known as the real Mediterranean city of Hungary. The Eastern part of Mecsek is the most beautiful because it is so “untouched”.

The village of Óbánya sits in one of the deep and narrow valleys of East-Mecsek called az Öreg-patak völgye [The valley of the Old Stream], and the town is known as the Hungarian Switzerland due to its undisturbed nature and beauty.

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About the village

The village of Óbánya is really small, consisting of only one street, and having only 120 residents (many of them Swabians). The houses of Óbánya maintain old Hungarian architectural traditions, and will remind everyone of a simpler time.

Óbánya mecsek nature village
Photo: Indafoto/Gomba68

Óbánya is not only really beautiful, but it is really clean as well. Many popular hiking trails (e.g. the blue trail) go along or near the village, so chances are, if you are hiking in Mecsek, you are likely to wander into Óbánya (and you should!).

Main sights

In the middle of the town, there is an old Catholic church that was built back in the Middle Ages.

Óbánya mecsek nature village
Photo: Indafoto/Teteneverdle

The undisturbed nature that surrounds the village is the most enchanting part about visiting Óbánya. There are many sights to see, such as the fast-flowing Öreg-patak [Old-Stream].

Óbánya mecsek nature village
Photo: Indafoto/Krémusz

The main sight is probably the Ferde-vízesés [Crooked Waterfall], which no hiker wants to miss while exploring Mecsek.

Óbánya mecsek nature village
Photo: Indafoto/Krémusz

Another famous hiking destination near Óbánya is the so-called Csepegő-szikla [Dripping-rock] which is almost completely covered in moss, and many smaller nearby springs and streams source it.

Óbánya mecsek nature village
Photo: Indafoto/Okvátovityné Bánhidai Beáta

When will YOU visit Óbánya?

Featured image: Indafoto/Gomba68

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