According to, after every 100 ordinary parking place there has to be 10 where charging stations can be constructed without disrupting the pavement – a newly published draft regulation on the government website tells.

The construction has to be implemented continuously. Firstly, there has to be 1 electric charger set after every 100 parking space until January 1, 2017. 2 chargers will be obligatory by January 1, 2019.

Under the current legislation, shops larger than 300 sq m (which refers to its gross floor area) have to provide a parking space after every 10 sq m of net floor they put in operation. The rule – according to which there has to be 10 electric chargers after every 100 parking spaces – also applies for parking lots being built.

In the case of existing supermarkets the law provides 2 chargers after every 100 parking spaces, but it also depends on the selling space and the location of the shop, wrote.

If the floor area is bigger than 1500 sq m 2 electric chargers have to be built per 100 parking spaces until January 1, 2019.

According to, the deadline is the same for smaller stores located in towns with a population more than 50 thousand people. In the towns with a population between 20 and 50 thousand people the deadline is January 1, 2020, while it is 2026 in the case of settlements with a population smaller than 20 thousand people.

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