Budapest, October 8 (MTI) – The migrant crisis can only be solved through joint political efforts, with the inclusion of northern African states, foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar said after talks with officials in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Speaking to MTI on the phone from Rabat, Magyar said he discussed bilateral ties and the migrant crisis with eight ministers and several businessmen during his trip.

The state secretary said he had briefed his partners on the migration situation in Europe and Hungary’s responses to the crisis. Magyar said his partners all expressed their understanding of the situation and their support for Hungary, adding that local media painted a negative image of Hungary. Magyar said he did his best to dispel any doubts regarding Hungary, adding that his efforts would hopefully lead to a better view of the country.

He said Hungary’s “primary message” is that the problem needs a global solution, to which every country should contribute, adding that the European Union should provide more aid to north African countries.

Magyar said there were signs of “very promising opportunities” for Hungarian businesses in all three countries, particularly in the field of farm machinery, urban planning and transport management.

He noted that Hungary recently opened trading houses in Morocco, Algeria and said plans were in place to open one in Tunisia as well.


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