writes that from now on shops, accommodation and catering places can be certified dog-friendly thanks to an official qualification system. There are 120 certified places in the country so far, but according to the calculations of MateWorks Kft., operator of (dog-friendly places), luckily, this number may radically increase by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, the conditions of being able to call a place dog-friendly has not been completely clear so far. Therefore, in order to provide some help and inform us, created a qualification system which adapts to the laws of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service and the National Food Chain Safety Office. Thus, we may get a unified and simple view on where to go with our four-legged friends.

Krisztián Máté, CEO of MateWorks told the site about their continuous contact with hotel chains, through which they will be able to evaluate several hundreds of places as dog-friendly by the end of the year. In order to receive the qualification, the accommodations have to have at least two rooms in which dog owners may reside with their doggies, and the halls shall be accessible with them as well. The conditions also include the placement of a disposable drinking bowl and the assurance of fresh water in the dog-friendly rooms.

Moreover, not only accommodations but shops, restaurants and public institutions can also participate in the qualification system as there are no degrees in the qualification. Besides, thanks to the cooperation of – the qualifier of the hotels – and, every hotel qualified by Hotelstars can claim for the new dog-friendly-place qualification at a significant discount.

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