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Let’s start the year with the comedic capers at The Studios as Laugh Budapest Laugh delivers the best of English language comedy in the city.

This month our beloved compere Dave Thomspon brings the best of international talent to stage: Alan Henderson & Phil Nichol.

Alan Henderson

Possessing confidence that far exceeds his looks, education, talent, and ability, Alan Henderson mixes his Southern wit and ignorance to come to terms with growing up in a cult, life in Eastern Europe, fatherhood, his hatred of people and his own failings.

Phil Nichol

Phil Nichol is a born entertainer – a multi-faceted performer who can do everything from musical comedy to one-liners, storytelling, characterisation, black comedy, blue comedy — you name it. The writing and performance is top notch, the theatrics are there and his personality and charisma fill the performance space to bursting point.

Dave Thompson

Dave is a reincarnation of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Yakbim Sekhaenre’s court jester Djedptahaufankh. He entertained the pharaoh and his family for 24 years. In 1779 BC, Dave (or Djedptahaufankh as he was then known) misjudged a joke about Pharaoh Yakbim Sekhaenre’s daughter, and was ritually disembowelled. His body was thrown to the crocodiles.
In his current incarnation, Dave played Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby.

Get your laugh on at The Studios!


The Studios – 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38.

Date and time:

18.00 Doors open
20.30 Show starts

More details HERE:
The Studios Facebook page


Source: The Studios Facebook page

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