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Christchurch, 2019. március 15. Videofelvételrõl készült kép az új-zélandi Christchurchben történt terrortámadás egyik elkövetõjérõl 2019. március 15-én. A fegyveres a fejére erõsített kamerával rögzítette a merényletet, majd a 17 perces felvételt feltette az internetre. A város központjában lévõ Maszdzsid al-Núr és a külsõ kerületi Linwood mecset ellen összehangoltan elkövetett merénylet halálos áldozatainak száma negyvenkilencre emelkedett. A hatóságok õrizetbe vettek három férfit és egy nõt, az egyik férfi ausztrál. MTI/AP

A terrorist attack was carried out in Christchurch, New Zealand this morning, against two mosques filled with Muslims. Brenton Tarrant has published his manifesto on Twitter, explaining his reasons for the mass shooting, bringing even Hungarian history into it.

Brenton Tarrant (28) has stated on Twitter that he blames the Muslims who are ‘breaking into’ the Western world for the systematic extermination of the white race, writes

Tarrant’s goal with the terrorist attack was to take revenge on the atrocities that the western world had to face for centuries. His manifesto is over 16 thousand words, in which he describes the decline of the West, concluding that the low number of births and immigration are to blame for this phenomenon.

He has been planning the massacre for two years, choosing Christchurch as his target three months ago.

The reason why Tarrant opted for machineguns instead of bombing is that he hopes that this will encourage the left-wing Democratic Party in the United States to abolish the Second Amendment regarding the rights to carry handguns.

Tarrant’s primary influence was the Norwegian Anders Breivik, with whom he got in touch with. Tarrant claims that the anti-Muslim group, the Templar Knights (founded by Breivik) approved of his plan. He even turned to a British fascist, Oswald Mosley, as Tarrant claims to be an eco-fascist. In his view, China is the perfect government. Tarrant mentioned US President Donald Trump too, to whom he looks up as the symbol of the renewed white identity, but does not support him as a leader.

At one point, Tarrant goes as far as to state that he will be released from prison, and will be rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize, just like Nelson Mandela was.

Aside from his manifesto, Tarrant made sure that his anti-Muslim feelings are everywhere: he painted and wrote hate slurs and anti-Muslim texts on the cartridges and on his guns too. On top of this, he wrote the names of such European leaders on them who fought against the Muslims in the past.

This is where Hungary comes into the picture: Tarrant posted a photo of said firearms on Twitter, where the name of John Hunyadi and Mihály Horogszegi Szilágyi can be seen. Thanks to efforts of these two men, the Ottoman forces in overpower were beaten at Nándorfehérvár (Belgrade). Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor (Luxemburgi Zsigmond in Hungarian) appears too, who organised the 1396 crusade against the Ottomans, and who built a line of defence (consisting of strongholds built close to one another). Lastly, “Vác, 1684” can be read as well, which refers to the battle where Charles of Lorraine destroyed the Ottoman forces.

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