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Rental prices in Hungary are at a record high at present; that is something nobody would doubt. This is probably why a man in his forties thought that leasing a room in his flat for weekly sex may be feasible… managed to talk with him.

Looking for a flat-mate and a sex partner, too asked a lawyer, who cleared that he does not commit a crime in doing so. In fact, the 35 square meter flat is somewhere in Komárom-Esztergom county, and the man leasing it is around 40. According to the advertisement, it is a pre-requisite for the future woman tenant to have a job and to be maximum 50 years old. Furthermore, the rental fee consists of

20 thousand HUF (EUR 62) per month 

containing the current expenses and sex, once a week. The advertisement is published on the biggest want-ad site in the country by a man who calls himself “Maecenas”.


One of the journalists of managed to talk with the guy. He was in incognito; however, the landlord did not beat around the bush for long. He asked for a photo from the journalist and said that he wants nothing romantic, only sex, but told nothing more about himself. He said that

he would not like to be exposed, because he is not single

so he told only his forename. He added that the woman who accepts his conditions would not have financial problems in the future. According to him, his future tenant would have two possibilities: she can satisfy him orally, or they can have coitus. He added that, if she chooses the latter, he would like her to take pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Even though it is morally questionable, according to Péter Kamarás, a lawyer, the landlord does not commit a crime, since the conditions are clear. He said that nobody can talk about prostitution in this case, and in time even such “relationships” can turn into friendships. All in all, from a legal point of view, nobody can report it to the police.

Recently, a Czech newspaper, Lidovky, researched the issue. They found that mostly those people lend their flats for sex who are

alone and find it difficult to meet new people. 

Therefore, such a “solution” is much easier, safer and cheaper than hiring a prostitute. According to psychologists, most girls agree because of financial reasons.

As we already reported, in the last 5-6 years, average rental prices have doubled in Budapest. Recently, most of the apartments are available for rent for 100-150 thousand HUF (320-485 Euros) per month. The average monthly price of rent increased to 140 thousand HUF from last year’s 130 thousand. Thus, one of the most significant motives of Hungarian youngsters going abroad are the lower rental prices. It is hard to imagine, but the housing situation is so terrible in Hungary that it is

better to rent a flat in Berlin or even in London.


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