Green opposition LMP has called on the government to reveal details about alleged abuses of subsidies for people tending to permanently sick family members at home, which the government has cited as one of the reasons against increasing the subsidy.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, lawmaker Péter Ungár cited Prime Minister’s Office chief Gergely Gulyás as alluding to alleged abuses around adult home care as one of the reasons why the cabinet has no plans to increase the current 58,000 forint (EUR 180) and 38,000 forint monthly caregiver subsidies.

Ungár said this reasoning and the argument that raising the subsidy to 100,000 forints a month — and eventually to the level of the minimum wage — would put too much strain on the budget were “nonsense”.

Ungár said increasing the subsidy would cost 20-25 billion forints a year, which he said the state could “easily afford” by diverting funding from its “unnecessary expenditures” such as spending on “government propaganda” or “glossy sports”.

He said raising the home-care subsidy would primarily help people caring for their parents suffering from dementia.

Source: MTI

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  1. Home subsidies seriously need looking into. It is obvious that certain figures awarded for home subsidy are genuine, but there are many cases where they are not. Awareness should be seen in certain families that have grown children (about 40), who have been capable of taking up a job and earning a living. but do not want to work. In many cases these adults have nothing wrong with them and take money off the state for nothing, even living with their parents still. Stringent checks should be made to single these money grabbers out and refuse government subsidies, which comes from working peoples tax payments , after all.

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