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Daily News Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Parties of the leftist opposition on Wednesday demanded that Fidelitas, the youth arm of ruling Fidesz, should withdraw an initiative of “monitoring provocators”.

Earlier in the day, recently elected Fidelitas leader Laszlo Borocz called on supporters to supply the names and photos of any “left-wing provocateurs” assumed to disrupt public events.

The Y-GEN association, the youth arm of the Egyutt party, filed a criminal complaint in connection with the initiative and called on Fidelitas to observe the rule of law.

The youth organisation of the PM party called on Borocz to resign from his post, while the Democratic Coalition accused Fidesz of building a communist-style state security system.

The Young Liberals said in a statement that nobody must “intimidate people using their political rights, abuse their personal data and incite to hatred against them just because they have an opinion about the government or Fidesz policies other than that of Fidelitas”.

Socialist board member Balazs Barany called Fidelitas an “Association of Young Bolsheviks” in an open letter, and insisted that Fidelitas was seeking to set up a network of informers.

Borocz told MTI that the initiative had been designed to prevent “leftist parties in a civil disguise from disrupting any celebrations” and insisted that the move had been misinterpreted.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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