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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) will propose amending the Penal Code in order to declare what it called “the distribution of fake news by government agencies from public monies” a punishable act.

Citing research launched in 2016 by the University of Oxford, parliamentary spokesman Zsolt Greczy told a press conference on Tuesday that “ever since 2010 the Hungarian government has been intentionally spreading lies and fake news to discredit opposition politicians and make Hungarians believe that the country needs to be protected and can only be protected by ruling Fidesz.”

The details of the proposal will be finalised in the near future, he said.

The university’s research project, covered by a news portal earlier on Tuesday, focuses on how governments and politicians are manipulating public opinion around the world by through the public media.

In response to a question, Greczy said DK plans to run independently in next year’s European Parliamentary elections.

He said that before the municipal elections, also scheduled for next year, the opposition parties should agree on a joint candidate in Budapest who could defeat Mayor István Tarlós and seek ways of cooperation in all localities.

Source: MTI

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  1. Have a word with Gyurcsány, he’ll tell everyone what fake news is. He entertained enough of it during his reign before 2010. He admitted he was a liar then, and things haven’t changed since. All he is interested in is money and power. Because he never made the grade in the past three elections he is nasty. Kick him and his wife out of Hungary, and send them back to Bulgaria where the belong.

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