Budapest, January 9 (MTI) – The opposition Egyutt party’s leader has filed a criminal complaint on the ground of incitement against a community committed before the general public.

Viktor Szigetvari said the slogan “The government says no to compulsory resettlement quota”, a hallmark of the government’s campaign, may constitute a crime.

In a statement on Saturday, Egyutt’s leader said the Fidesz-led government had drawn an equivalence between migrants arriving in the country and anyone who endangers the culture, way of life and traditions of Hungarian citizens. It claims that such people would not respect Hungarian laws or share the country’s values.

“These statements are clearly false generalisations and capable of inciting feelings of antipathy,” Szigetvari said.

The state secretary for government communications responded in a statement, saying that it would make better sense to file a criminal complaint against people who rape women rather than to defend migrants. Bence Tuzson said that Egyutt’s statement proves that the left wing is still on the side of the migrants.” If it were up to the left wing, several tens of thousands of migrants would settle in the country, he added.

People on the left in Hungary “are walking around with their eyes closed,” the statement said. “They haven’t noticed what happened in Cologne or in Helsinki. What happened there proves that migrants do not respect laws or the rights of women,” it added.

The ruling Fidesz party said in a statement that Szigetvari’s action shows that the Hungarian left wing is the party of migrants. Fidesz rejects the EU mandatory quotas and will continue its signature collection in support of its immigration policies aimed at protecting the country, it said. “The quota system is senseless, unjust and will intensify the terror threat while endangering the security of European people and their culture,” the statement added.


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  1. @Egyutt,
    Again, Egyutt or Idiotta, same thing. Egyutt, until you start looking at the magyar people. NOBODY, gives a damn or is willing to listen to your stupidity. If you still heed the warnings of the FIDESZ, at this point you’re the ridicule of the world. Spend some money and get glasses and hearing aids, more interpreters(since you lack English) and LEARN about what is coming around to try to eat you and the people.

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