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The Socialist Party on Friday said it has filed a complaint with the chief public prosecutor’s office in the case of a woman who died last autumn in Budapest’s Honvéd Hospital.

Deputy parliamentary group leader Ildikó Borbély Bangó said that the hospital’s work force shortage had reached a point where even patients in life-threatening conditions have to be transferred from one hospital to the other.

A 62-year-old woman fell victim to this state of affairs last autumn when she had to be transferred multiple times for a simple ultrasound test, Bangó told a press conference.

The Socialists have filed a complaint to find those responsible, she said, adding that ruling Fidesz “does not care” that, according to a study, 41 percent of patients above 75 die because they are not treated properly.

The Socialists have launched a referendum bid on the special treatment of top politicians in terms of health care, Bangó noted.

Honvéd Hospital in a statement later on Friday rejected Bangó’s statements and said that they were politically motivated. The hospital has the means to treat its 3,000 patients daily, the statement said, adding that substantial developments were under way and that the new wage rises boost the status of its employees.

Source: MTI

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