Budapest, September 15 (MTI) – The government’s recent measures will not resolve the migration crisis, a spokesman for the green LMP party said on Tuesday.


“There is no way the cabinet can stop the wave of migrants crossing the country,” Jozsef Gal told a press conference after the government declared a state of crisis in two counties due to mass migration.

Closing down the borders and criminalising refugees will not resolve the situation; those expelled from the country will attempt to enter the country again, Gal insisted.

LMP wants refugee camps to be expanded and the police and the immigration authority reinforced, Gal said. Further, information should be made available to both the migrants and local residents, he said.

Deploying the military along the border is “not only unnecessary but unconstitutional too,” he said, adding that “soldiers should leave their guns in their barracks”.


According to the Egyutt party, developments in Hungary are against the Geneva Convention. Hungary’s rules that took effect on Tuesday are not only a violation of humanitarian principles — making the majority of society feel uncomfortable — but also go against “all international accords Hungary has signed over the past 50 years,” party leader Viktor Szigetvari told a press conference held at Roszke on the Serbian border.

Hungary is not required to accommodate all refugees, but should support the European Union’s proposal to introduce mandatory quotas, Szigetvari insisted.

Migrants should be provided safe haven in Hungary, an opportunity to register, while a common, European mechanism should be set up to ensure that not all of them are stuck in Hungary, Szigetvari said.


Richard Barabas of the Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party said that “the government does not even abide by its own laws,” and insisted he had proof that the authorities were deliberately misleading migrants. Migrants are being forced to confess in writing that they are illegal entrants despite their crossing into Hungary at legitimate crossing points, Barabas insisted.


According to the Hungarian Liberal Party (MLP), the government declared the state of crisis hastily as the current situation does not yet justify such a measure. Istvan Szent-Ivanyi, the party’s foreign policy adviser, warned of growing tension along the border and the danger of violent clashes in the region. He called on the government to improve ties with Austria, Germany and the EU leaders.

Fidesz answer

The ruling Fidesz party responded saying that “the left wing would let everyone in, which is unacceptable.” “The Hungarian police are working day and night to protect Hungary and Europe’s borders, while politicians of the left visit the border to rile up the migrants,” they said in a statement. The laws that came into effect on Tuesday were designed to protect the borders of the Schengen Area, Fidesz said, adding that political refugees “are still free to enter the country at the legal border crossing points and submit their asylum applications.”

Photo: MTI


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