(MTI) – Radical nationalist party Jobbik has called on Hungary’s foreign minister to resign “for failing to stand up for the interests of the Hungarian minority” amid the Ukrainian crisis, while the Socialist party’s leader has branded the country’s related diplomacy “tragicomic”.

“Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi should resign immediately … “, Jobbik lawmaker Istvan Szavay told a news conference held in front of the foreign ministry. He called on Viktor Orban, the prime minister, to appoint a foreign minister who “pursues a foreign policy in the interest of the Hungarian nation rather than serving foreign interests”.

Meanwhile, Socialist lawmaker Tibor Szanyi said it was “appalling” to see Orban’s “helicopter diplomacy”, which was in reality an “alibi”, since he did not travel to anywhere in which anything of note was taking place. He told a news conference that the foreign minister had “escaped” from a meeting of European foreign ministers on the situation in Ukraine, “citing a cold”.

Photo: MTI

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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