Malakasza, 2017. január 10. Afgán illegális bevándorlók melegednek egy tûznél, miközben jobb körülményeket követelve tüntetnek az Athéntól mintegy 40 kilométerre északra fekvõ Malakasza menekülttáborában 2017. január 10-én. Ezen a napon havazott a görög fõvárosban és térségében. (MTI/AP/Thanászisz Sztavrakisz)

Budapest, January 11 (MTI) – The opposition Liberal Party has called on the government to close down a migrant tent camp in Körmend, in western Hungary, during the winter.

Migrants should be placed in more humane conditions and civilians should be allowed to help them, the party’s foreign affairs spokesman István Szent-Iványi told a press conference on Wednesday.

He noted that Liberal leader Gábor Fodor had asked Interior Minister Sándor Pintér in a letter dated Dec. 19 to explain why the migrant reception centre in Bicske, near Budapest, with better infrastructure than most similar institutions in Hungary, had been closed down. Fodor also said that tents in Körmend should not be used during the winter period. No reply however was forthcoming and more people have been placed in the Körmend camp since then, he added.

Fodor now plans to submit written questions to the interior minister, also asking why the refugees are not being transferred to facilities in Vámosszabadi and Balassagyarmat, where the conditions are much more acceptable, Szent-Iványi said.

It is also unclear why offers by civil organisations and private individuals to accommodate refugees for the winter period have been rejected, he added.

Photo: MTI/AP/Thanászisz Sztavrakisz

Source: MTI

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  1. It is unreasonable of the liberals to ask to move the refugees because based on past experience none of the facilities provided by Hungary were ever good enough. People rioted because of conditions. The tents are heated. Money should be spent on Hungarian homeless people so they do not have to sleep out in the cold without even the heated tents. Shame on you Liberals that you care more for foreigners than your own citizens.

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