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Next year’s European Parliamentary elections will be “crucial both for Hungary and the European Union”, the prime minister’s cabinet chief said in an interview published in daily Magyar Hirlap on Thursday.

In the interview, Antal Rogán said that

“George Soros and his circles will do everything they can to maintain the current power relations” and “those countries that are markedly anti-migration will be attacked by all means”.

“They seek to destroy the reputation of those countries that have been firmly against migration; that is what Ms Sargentini is doing, an old, reliable ally of George Soros,” Rogán insisted, and stressed that “the situation could be changed” in the ballot next spring.

Concerning Hungary’s recently established administrative courts, Rogán said that “these courts will deal with migration cases” and insisted that “no wonder that they are being attacked by Europe’s pro-migration institutions”.

On another subject, Rogán said that recent,

anti-government protests involved “violent groups that attacked police” and added that those detained during the demonstrations included “innumerable” people with a police record.


Source: MTI

  1. The European Parliament , a “Gyurcsanyesque Entity “is direct Competition to the Hungarian Parliament. Hungarians should not be in Both.

  2. This is the right moment! Juncker’s incidents could hardly count on attention of the press in the past. At least not in the mainstream. Yes, on the alternative internet the images of a marching Juncker were of course shared in all intensity but that was not all. He can also give way to the repertoire by throwing away documents. But after the MeToo images from Juncker this seems to be changing. Last week, however, it was time to open the attack on the President of the European Commission because he really does not behave well. Many people seemed to think so too, so questions were asked about Juncker and his MeToo actions. It cannot be said that Juncker behaves correctly. The European Union has not been able to prepare for a future economic crisis in recent years. Brussels was also unable to defend the Schengen zone against massive immigration flows and, to top it all off, entrepreneurs, freelancers and multinationals got the terrible EU privacy legislation on their roof. Maybe there are some positive aspects to the leadership of Juncker, but on the major issues that matter, such as economy, safety and strategy, the flushing was extremely thin. That the President of the European Commission seems to ignore all normal decency standards is one thing, but combine these facts with the slowness and (in) effectiveness of the administration and you get a European Union as unstable as the president himself.
    The fuss that was forced to respond arose when Juncker rowed wildly through the hair of one of his female employees during an EU summit and got the mark MeToo over him. When Viktor Orbán got a slap in his face during a consultation in Latvia and was called dictator, of course there was silence. I hope that in the near future Mr. Orbán will sue Juncker for this attack! But now that the term of this big whiskey lover is ending, it is now politically correct to respond and that is how it is done. It is a pity that the reaction was so weakly, because the previous incidents should have been taken into account, but this did not happen because it is obviously not good to lose the EU leadership in public and miss out on those coveted grant jobs in Brussels.

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