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Hungary’s interests should be protected “with increased emphasis against George Soros and his network”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Friday morning.

Soros has attacked Hungary several times but what he has just done, with assistance from Hungary’s left wing, goes too far for the country to pocket with a shrug,” the prime minister said in his interview.

Soros is working in Brussels “to harm Hungarians wherever he can”, Orbán insisted. “It is not right that we are just sitting here, fending off these attacks and pretending as if it were a matter of course,” he added.

Orbán also said it had required “great feats” for him to prevent Soros from “causing Hungary damage to the tune of many billions of euros”.

Orbán went on to say that the European Parliament “seeks to take over leadership of the European Union”. He argued that “MEPs think that the EU is Brussels alone” while prime ministers of the bloc consider Brussels a “place for negotiations rather than [the EU’s] centre” and “the EU is where the national capitals are”.

“Behind the EP there is a network and that’s where Soros and his people come into the picture; they have built strong positions in the EP,” Orbán said.

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Source: MTI

  1. Orbán’s daily tape: ” bla bla bla Soros bla bla Soros bla bla bla bla Brussels bla bla bla bla bla Soros bla bla Brussels…. ”
    How boring, pathetic, repetetive. The man really needs a serious psychotherapy. He is just a professional hater full of obsessions.

  2. Prime Minister Viktor Orban is 100% correct in his assessment of the arch-goniff George Soros.

    He is equally accurate when he states that the European Parliament is now trying to “take over leadership of the European Union”.

    There is NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that P.M. Orban is the only true political leader within Europe.

    As such, he is HATED by lots of people outside of Hungary – Mario included.

    The Hungarian people will have their chance to ‘pass judgement’ on Mr. Orban and his government in 2022 until which time Hungary will be governed in the same excellent fashion as has been the case for the past 10 years.

    On the other hand, Mario’s comments – as usual – reflect the twisted thinking of a chronic schizophrenic who requires life-long treatment in a state-run psychiatric institution.

  3. Thank you INSANE*MARIO, for your eloquent comment,and right-to-the-point reply to Mario’s hubris. The courage of Viktor Orban reverberates throughout Europe,and North America. Which of course brings out the multitudes of naysayers, especially the likes of George Soros, and his minions.Integrity.Love of country,is in deed a rare phenomenon now days.Unfortunately in those lacking such supra-natural values, hatred overpowers all other feelings.God Bless Hungary, and Her Courageous People.

  4. There, always, were evil dictators in the world like Stalin, Mao, Castro. These people had many citizens killed and others oppressed. However, no one has caused as much worldwide damage as Soros. In the US, Soros financed the campaigns of attorney generals and prosecutors who do not enforce the laws, thereby, putting the lives of citizens in jeopardy. In the UK, he has forced many people into poverty when he attacked the pound. In EU, he encouraged the flooding of the countries with uneducated migrants, who in large will need support of the taxpayers for the rest of their lives. Soros has not stopped his evil deeds, he continually trying to flood Hungary with illegal migrants and because Hungary does not cooperate, Soros is trying to turn EU countries against Hungary with his lies. It is time for the EU to wake-up and stop being Soros’ puppet.

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