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Budapest, April 19 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday met former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in his home in Oggersheim for informal talks.

Speaking to reporters after their meeting, Orbán called Kohl a “symbol” of German-Hungarian friendship.

The prime minister said he met with Kohl to convey Hungarians’ appreciation and gratitude for all the things the former chancellor had done for Hungary.

“Helmut Kohl is highly valuable to all of Europe,” Orbán said. He asked the press not to “drag” the former chancellor into any of Europe’s current political issues. “He is way above today’s active politicians,” Orbán said of Kohl.

Orban said the meeting reminded him of the later years of Pope John Paul II, when the pope was still mentally sharp even though his body was slowed by illness.

“[The meeting] was an honour and an uplifting experience for me. Long live German-Hungarian friendship!” Orban said.


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  1. I certainly admire the honesty and political courage of Prime Minister Viktor Orban,
    fearlessly drawing attention to a ‘slumbering’ EU on the dangers of the mass migration to its own individual cultural heritage; it is the invasion of a foreign culture when all said and done ! And in the ‘prophetic’ words of one elder statesman in Helmut Kohl – Europe cannot be the new home of all the people in need in world !!
    Such people and countries would be best helped in situ.,surely that should be clear to all people not only those wishing to enjoy the self right of their own sovereign history and culture!
    I salute Prime Minister Orban !

    John H. Morton.

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