(MTI) – Hungary has proven that it is possible to create jobs while maintaining fiscal rigour and reducing state debt, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said before an EU summit in Milan on Wednesday.

Hungary reduces public debt, keeps its budget deficit in check, while stimulating economic growth, which in turn triggers a decline in unemployment, Orban told the public media, ahead of a summit to focus on employment.

He added that he would urge the EU not to steer off this path, but to adjust other elements to this “sensible economic policy”.

“Hungary is one of the few countries which has something to say about how to reduce unemployment,” he said, adding that in Hungary the jobless rate fell from above 11 percent in 2010 to 7.6-7.8 percent recently. Orban said he would present to participants of the summit Hungarian ideas about a labour-based social policy.

“Now that we are here we will not only talk about it, but ask European Union ministers to support Hungary’s economic policy in the future,” he added.

He said he would ask for support for the bailout of forex borrowers, utility bill cuts and in general a Hungarian economic policy, which “in several points differs from a general European policy”. Achievements and facts, however, speak for themselves, he said.

EU heads of states and government will focus on high rates of youth unemployment at the summit in Milan. This meeting follows similar ones held in Berlin and Paris last year.

Photo: Prime Minister Office/Barna Burger

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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