Budapest, October 30 (MTI) – The people of Europe are starting to “wake up” and realise that migration is a cultural issue and “our identity is at risk”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a radio interview on Friday.

No solution can be expected from Brussels and the nation states must resolve this issue, like Hungary has done, Orban told public Kossuth radio.

He said the European Union’s plans about a quota system for distributing migrants has “evolved into an even greater danger” because the distribution system is now intended to become a permanent mechanism.

“We completely disapprove of this”, Orban said, adding that EU membership did not mean that another party could decide against Hungary’s will that it should be accepting immigrants. “There was no vote on this that would back it up, so events today are lacking a democratic basis,” he said. “We are moving towards anarchy,” he added.

The increased threat of terrorism is one of the common dangers Europe faces, Orban said. “Even one terrorist is one too many,” he said, adding that the danger is that Europe is inviting the “unique internal conflicts of the Middle East” into the EU.

As regards the migrants awaiting deportation in other EU countries, Orban said Hungary will not take them back. “The rules do not say that they must be returned to the country where they were registered, the rules say that they must be taken back to the country where they first entered the EU,” he said. “This country is Greece, which, by the way, is the key to the whole problem,” Orban said, adding that Greece was not fulfilling its duties of protecting its southern borders.

Mass migration, which Orban called “invasion”, is fuelled by human smugglers’ business interests and by activists who “support everything that weakens nation states,” Orban said, adding that this type of “western thinking” is best represented by [Hungarian-born US businessman] George Soros.

Orban said there was such pressure on people in Europe when they want to speak their minds that politicians were afraid to support alternative concepts. “The word fence cannot even be uttered,” he said.

In response to criticism expressed by US ambassador Colleen Bell at her recent lecture at Corvinus University, Orban said this was tantamount to “unconcealed national or commonwealth interests”. The US does not support Hungary’s immigration policies, because it is not against US interests if millions of immigrants arrive in Europe from war-torn regions. “But I should like to see if anyone trying to enter the US without a visa would make it alive,” Orban said.

On the subject of the national economy, Orban said Hungarian reforms were working and there were more people in employment than ever before in the past 25 years, but he wants to boost jobs even further, by about half a million in the next few years. He said to achieve this red tape would be cut for small and medium-sized companies (SME), wages raised and more homes built.

He said the “land issue” was one of sovereignty and rules on the sale of state land were clear: no more than 300 hectares to one farmer. He said the aim was that Hungarian land should be in the hands of farmers and not foreigners.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Viktor Orban is the leader and statesman that Hungary has needed for a very long time.

    Thank goodness we have him as Prime Minister rather than the likes of George Soros !

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