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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday said the practice of players kneeling on soccer fields to protest against racism was foreign to Hungarian culture.

“I don’t sympathise with this kneeling thing in the slightest,” Orbán told a press briefing.

The prime minister said there was no place for kneeling on sports grounds, “sports is about something else.”

Orbán said the act of kneeling in Hungary was reserved for prayer, showing patriotism and marriage proposals.

“In all other cases this is foreign to Hungarian culture,” he said.

He said the practice had been introduced in countries with a history of slavery, adding that “these burdens of the past should be processed by the nations they concern.” Countries that do not have a history of slavery cannot help them with that, he added.

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Source: MTI

  1. It’s not kneeling fool. It’s Solidarity with the best in human nature, it’s saying that while you are not free and safe from fear neither am I. Only a rustic bumpkin could fail to appreciate this. Scandalously, sadly he leads a government that believes it’s civilised.

  2. If people choose to kneel then fine, if people don’t choose to kneel then fine. It’s their prerogative. However, those who boo or jeer for those who make either decision, then that should be dealt with. It’s about choice and beliefs.

  3. The booing was justified. In the US, or at football games or Hockey games, the audience would have thrown garbage and bottles at the offending players. The Hungarian audience behaved very well.

    Hungarians do not need to feel guilty because they did not contribute to slavery or oppression of any African or Carribean . Hungary is one of the few nations that helps African Nations’ economic development and water supply without controlling the government and business. Black people should just say thank you and stop pretending to be martyrs.

  4. I can see many modern day slaves in Orban’s Hungary,just go to the rural villages and see people employed earning 60,000ft (180euros) per month and many others earning a bit more who are struggling to survive!!

  5. Yes “ black people” you hear that? Hungarians never did anything to you, so it is said, so stop throwing shade on the real sufferings of good Europeans. Who never did anything! Say thank you and move on.

  6. You hear that “black people” good Hungarian Europeans never did anything! So just say thank you and move on. Stop being martyrs which if I understand it rightly involves actual deaths and remember Hungarians ( who never did anything) suffer too. They’re so misunderstood.

  7. Employment restores self confidence for the unemployed. The make work projects are there to help people feel good about themselves. The projects usually involve beautifying the town and that benefits the whole village or town. The people of these villages can stay in their homes and do not end homeless in large cities like LA, NY, San Francisco, Seattle, Venice Beach. This is a good solution. This show that Mr. Orban cares about the people and that is why he is reelected over and over again.

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