According to, Viktor Orban got into a bad company: he was portrayed on the cover of The Economist next to the American Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen – who leads the increasingly stronger Front National of France, which is no longer referred to as an extreme right-wing party by MTI (Hungarian News Agency).

According to the article of the paper, right-wing populist forces play on people’s fear both in America and Europe, saying their governments (or in the case of the EU, Brussels, the center) are unable or unwilling to protect them. In Europe, populist right-wing is in power in Hungary and Poland, but it is also the member of the government coalition in Finland and Switzerland as well. It is written: “Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban vowed to build an “illiberal state” and he considers Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a model” The Economist wrote.

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  1. Orban, Marine Le Pen and Trump are the true leaders of the Free World. Too bad that so many foreigners are jealous of Hungary’s booming economy, our wealth and our bright future.

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