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Billboard campaign initiated by Government against the so called Soros-plan, i.e. helping migrants to come and settle down in Europe.

The government will use “the Hungarian state’s political and legal force” against anyone trying to compromise the country’s security through promoting illegal migration, without regard to their “origin, religious affiliation or financial status”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a letter to the head of Hungarian Jewish federation Mazsihisz.

In his letter, sent to MTI by the prime minister’s press office on Friday, Orbán referred to a recent call by Mazsihisz that the government should drop a billboard campaign depicting US financier George Soros, and said that Soros was working to use “his wealth, power, influence and the network of NGOs he finances to settle migrants in the European Union by the millions”.

“We will protect our homeland, the security of our families and everyday life, our achievements and culture”, the prime minister said, adding that “it is only Hungarians that should decide whom they want to live together with”.

He insisted that “the vast majority of Hungarians unanimously agreed that the future of Hungary and the European Union depends on the response to be given to the problem of illegal migration” and added that “the frequent terrorist acts and violence especially impact the European Jewish community”.

“As prime minister, it is my duty to protect Hungary and its citizens,” Orbán said, adding that Hungary’s Jewish community could always rely on the government’s protection.

Source: MTI

  1. John H.Morton.

    “As Prime Minister,it is my duty to protect Hungary and its citizens”
    The worthy words of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, which is the expectation and appreciation of Hungary’s citizens, I am sure !
    Prime Minister Orban has a clear European vision, unlike the muddled vision of the present EU leadership ! ! he also is courageous to state with realistic clarity this view, with but ‘few’ peers amongst the other European national leaders ! !
    Hungarians are fortunate to have such a ‘straight talking’ patriotic national leader, I know I would !
    Illegal migration needs to be confronted, and assisted at source, dysfunctional nations (many) cannot impose their illegality on other nations !


    John H. Morton.

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