Budapest (MTI) – The city of Eger in the north will be linked to the M3 motorway by a four-lane highway by 2018 under an agreement signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Eger Mayor Laszlo Habis on Friday.

The agreement also includes a 6.3 billion forint (EUR 21.1m) project to upgrade Eger’s swimming complex and convert it into a swimming and water-polo centre, Orban told a live televised press conference.

The renovation of Eger castle will be augmented by developments costing a further 6 billion forints, he added.

Further, state railway company MAV will transfer 9 hectares of land to the city, which will be joined to an existing area to form a 20-hectare industrial park, Orban told the news conference broadcast by public news channel M1.

Orban said the development programme totalling 50 billion forints will be the second element in a scheme dubbed Modern Cities, following the programme for Sopron.

He said rural cities are key to the development of rural Hungary, and in order to strengthen villages it is necessary to set up “power centres” around Hungary.

“If we Hungarians do not create a new economic policy, if we do not make it clear that a new foreign policy is needed, if we do not modernise our education system, then Hungary will not be successful in the ever-changing world,” Orban said.

In response to a question, he said the government’s aim is to link all cities with county rank to the national motorway and highway network by 2018 and to extend all motorways to reach the borders.

Photo: MTI


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