Budapest, February 11 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed a “secret pact” between Germany and Turkey on transporting migrants to the European Union at last night’s meeting of ruling-party lawmakers, daily Magyar Idők reported on Thursday.

orbán-magyar időkAccording to the report, the secret agreement stipulates that 400,000-500,000 immigrants are planned to be transported directly from Turkey onto the European Union’s territory. The migrants would be accepted not only by Germany but they would be distributed among member states by obligation, the paper said.

Orbán, who is also leader of the Fidesz party, told lawmakers that one of the most important tasks ahead was to fend off this Turkish-German pact. He added that even if the pact was executed even that would not stop the unprecedented influx of migrants and the “siege” would continue to weigh down on Europe for years. The prime minister said he believes the pact has already been made, but it is not yet made public, the paper said.

Photo: MTI, Facebook


  1. If Mr Orban is convinced Merkel decided for all EU-members without being
    authorised in doing so and agreed with Turkey conditions against the interests
    of other EU-members than he ,immediately, should bring her to justice.

  2. She should be hanged crossed and quartered together with the other EU dictators and their QUISLINGS in every EU colony and then feed their bodies to beasts of prey.
    Bring out the Guillotine, the Gallows and the firing squads and eliminate them all from the face of the earth together with the EU.

  3. At least in this regard Orbam is right. Europe is under siege snd is being invaded.

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