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Daily News Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Viktor Orban has not said anything about the country’s actual problems, chairman of the opposition Socialist party Jozsef Tobias said, commenting on the speech given by Fidesz party chairman Orban at the party’s Sunday congress.

Tobias said Orban did not say a word about low wages, the late payment of public sector salaries, the “disastrous” state of the health care sector and the 600,000 Hungarians who left the country to find work abroad. He failed to mention the “squandering” of Hungarian farm land or raging corruption, which deeply affects his own circles, he added. The Socialist politician said Orban and his party are unable to face Hungary’s real problems and turn to fear-mongering instead.

In response to the speech of the prime minister, who said liberalism has lost its appeal and turned against freedom and democracy, the opposition Hungarian Liberal Party said it is Fidesz who has lost contact with reality. They said it is Viktor Orban and his government who have restricted freedom of speech and the powers of the institutions functioning as the checks and balances of the governance. “However, we, Liberals, are still here, and we reject Orban’s illiberal state,” they said in a statement.

Csaba Molnar, deputy leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition said Hungary today takes first place in Europe in terms of corruption but only 25th place in terms of living standards. He said Orban has definitively lost contact with Hungarian reality and said nothing about the country’s actual situation, speaking about a “fantastically successful Hungary”.

The nationalist Jobbik party said in a statement that the Fidesz party congress failed to provide any answers concerning corruption. There is no answer to the question of whether members of the new party leadership are included on the list of people banned entry to the United States due to corruption, they said in a statement.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. That’s funny! The socialists calling the Fidesz “fear mongering & corrupt”. It’s like the Pot calling the Kettle black! Crawling out from the Communist past, these Socialist pricks, just won’t get off any party’s back. Instead stick and attack and try to drive the entire country into the ground. How can they say that they (Socialists) are ever going to be looking after the people’s interests? Where is they’re counters or answers? Sure, let’s go back to the 50’s where everything was good according to these Socialists. Wrong!

  2. When the lefties parties talk about corruption, they talk about themselves. Corruption and lying started in the Communist error by the communists. In 1989, the corruption continued throughout the Socialist parties and the lies continued even today along with the corruption. Hungary saw a new error of liers, thieves, and corrupt political views from Gyurcsány, Mesterházi, Balnai, and now Tóbiás. They all in turn almost ruined Hungary to the point of bankrupcy. They in turn run the country down, critisize the FIDESZ government, and stand in the way of progression. The Lefties have got nothing to say about this government. The Orbán Victor government is the best in the world, a peoples that work and work for the good of the country and it’s people. Hungary has never had it so good as they have had it since the Communists were in power. Obán Vitktor has stood this country on it’s feet and will continue to do what the Hungarian people want in the future, freedom and respect. Tóbiás, I suggest you go back to selling womens knickers as you did before your politics days. You and the Lefties are a disgrace to to Hungary.

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