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The network of US financier George Soros has “a vast sphere of influence” in the European Parliament and other European Union institutions, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview to public radio on Friday.

The “Soros network’s” aim is to create a mixed population in Europe and to “condemn” the Hungarian government, in opposition on the issue of migration, the prime minister told Kossuth Rádió citing leaked documents from the “Soros empire”.

The network’s members in Brussels are working to “condemn and stigmatise the Hungarian government” and force it to change its migration policy, Orbán insisted.

He said that the “Soros network” must be exposed to the public with the help of the national security services, so that “we see the developments and learn who, why and how seek to influence the lives of Hungarians”. The prime minister also wondered “who are the Hungarians collaborating in the process”. He insisted that the “Soros empire” has a list of over 200 MEPs seen as “friends to the network”, and seeks cooperation from such deputies to build a Europe with a mixed population. “There are quite a few of them in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committe (LIBE), including Hungarians,” he said.

Concerning last week’s EU summit, Orbán said he had to face “tremendous pressure” to make a compromise concerning migrant quotas, but he declined to consent while the issue will be revisited in December and in the first half of next year. He added, however, that “meanwhile the hares are astir in the bush” and suggested that LIBE has adopted the principles for the EU’s new immigration policy. He also reiterated his government’s position that “only the given EU member should have the power to define who is allowed to stay within its borders.”

“If Berlin or Brussels were to decide who can live in Hungary it would mean that we are subordinated to Berlin or Brussels, which would be unacceptable,” he said. 

Orbán went on to say that Europe could be divided into a “migrant-free zone”, which he said was central Europe, and “immigrant countries”. He said it was impossible for one group “to force its ideals onto the other” and “the question is how we can coexist”.

On another subject, Orbán referred to a recent telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, in which he had asked for guarantees in the interest of central European hauliers. “If we are not careful, our transporters will suffer a disadvantage” compared to western companies, Orbán said.

“We must protect the interests of Hungarian carriers,”

he said, but added that he received no guarantees.

Orbán welcomed the outcome of recent elections in Austria and Czech Republic, and said that the winners in both countries are “very much like the current leaders of the Visegrád Group“, and with whom “we see eye to eye” concerning migration. He interpreted the results as a strengthening of “anti-migration” countries.

Source: MTI

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