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Budapest, 2018. március 5. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond az Igazságügyi zsebtörvénytár címû kiadvány bemutatóján a Magyar Tudományos Akadémián 2018. március 5-én. A zsebtörvénytár a magyar jogrendszer megújításának legfontosabb törvényeit tartalmazza. MTI Fotó: Szigetváry Zsolt

Creating a “United States of Europe” would be equal to turning the region into a “continent for immigrants including an immigrant-destination Hungary”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Monday.

Speaking at a book launch at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, Orbán warned of “attempts” to curb member states’ competencies and to build a “United States of Europe”, and said that

the European Commission “has openly declared itself a political body”.

He insisted that the commission’s “giving up its impartiality” would lead to ruining cooperation within the community because it will “institutionalise double standards to benefit the bigger countries, to the detriment of smaller members”. Orbán went on to say that giving up the principle that the commission is a guardian of the treaties would “shake the foundations” of European institutions.

As an example of using double standards, Orbán said that the EU has not penalised its larger members for certain violations. He said that the commission had failed to start proceedings when France’s budget deficit was higher than required, and the only explanation the body’s head gave at the time was that “France is France”.

As another example, Orbán mentioned that the EC had launched an infringement procedure against Hungary when it sent its elderly judges to retirement as part of its judicial reform in 2011-12, but “enthusiastically hailed” a similar move in Italy as a measure to speed up court proceedings.

Orbán accused the EC of “interfering” with Hungary’s election campaign and of attacking its government “because it does not conceal its opinion on certain court rulings”, and criticised the European Parliament for “continually making aggressive, interfering calls on Hungarian judges” concerning the case of Ahmed H, a Syrian national charged with terrorism.

“The same rules should apply to all EU members,” Orbán said, adding that “Europe should again be a Europe of common sense and fairness”.

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  1. In Italy the populist parties, 5-Star movement and Lega, have won the elections. It is expected that there will be a coalition government that will make many expensive compromises, making the already sky-high debts growing. Corrupt Italy will increase these debts even more quickly. That is why Italy will simply agree to further European integration in exchange for lots of money. In neighboring France, President Emanuel Macron begins to show genuine Napoleon aspirations and he hopes to get the eurozone to agree to a -definitely conducting- political union, a United States of Europe in which the excessively high French expenditures and debts will continue which must be financed by Germany and the Netherlands. Many analysts see a major problem for Brussels in the profits of the so-called ‘Eurosceptic’ parties in Italy, but we see that differently. These parties are only euro-sceptical because Italy sighs and groans under the ‘German’ fiscal rules of Brussels. We therefore think that the ‘anti’ attitude in Rome is in fact only a form of blackmail to unlock more space and, especially, much, much more money from the EU. In return, a new government will simply agree with even more European integration. Winning M5S sponsored by George Soros. A clear sign on the wall is that the party that won the election, the 5-Star movement (M5S), is sponsored by none other than the infamous extreme leftist George Soros who is the possible future Minister of Economic Affairs, Lorenzo Floramonti. He writes for Open Democracy, a branch of Soros’ Open Society that openly seeks to completely eliminate all borders in Europe, an EU government in Brussels, unlimited mass immigration of tens of millions of Muslims, and the total Islamization of our continent. Italy is nearly bankrupt and therefore agrees with United States of Europe. There is no other choice because the negative Target-2 balances of the Central Bank have increased to almost € 450 billion and the country has a dizzying public debt of around € 2.5 billion (4). Because Italy is the 3rd economy in Europe and is therefore considered ‘too big to fail’, a Greek-like ‘salvation’ is impossible and unaffordable. The only option to keep the country afloat for a while is to merge with the United States of Europe desired by Brussels and Soros, which should be financed mainly by Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland. The new ‘Napoleon’ Macron is interested in German and Dutch billions. Then there is someone who does not hide his desire for the formation of the VSE: the French president Emanuel Macron. The fact that the EU can’t be officially ruled by the leader of one Member State does not prevent him from holding imperial aspirations there. By starting with a ‘common financial euro zone’ – with a joint budget and, above all, joint sovereign debt – Macron hopes to become the de facto uncrowned king of the united Europe that Napoleon had already dreamed of. (2) Just like in Italy, finances are therefore the main motive. Macron has set up an ambitious program to put the French economy back on its feet, but that requires a huge amount of money. Macron hopes to realize its expensive plans by issuing common euro zone bonds, which means that the German and Dutch taxpayers in particular will permanently pay for the still too high French expenses and debts. Anyway federal Europe is coming if it will not be stopped by the civilians. A federal Europe is still encountering a lot of resistance, but in Brussels, Paris and Rome it is expected that it will come out of it. The alternative may well be the total collapse of the euro zone and possibly even the entire EU, because it will then collapse under the weight of the Italian, French and Spanish sovereign debt. In short: the EU has long become a debt and transfer union. What is still lacking is a – possibly artificially initiated – new crisis to convince the average European that his prosperity will only be guaranteed if all national power and resources are finally transferred to the totalitarian Brussels Politburo, the European Commission, and with that their fate in the hands of Paris, Berlin and Rome. And countries like Hungary don’t join the eurozone because it is killing them!

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