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Orbán wins lawsuit against Gyurcsány’s Altus

Orbán wins lawsuit against Gyurcsány’s Altus

The metropolitan court of appeal has ruled in favour of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a lawsuit former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány brought against him. The ruling concerning Gyurcsány’s company, Altus, overturns the court of first instance’s ruling in Gyurcsány’s favour.

Bertalan Havasi, Orbán’s press chief, told MTI on Thursday that Gyurcsány, the leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition party, had sued the premier because Orbán had questioned the legitimacy of a European Union tender won by Altus.

In 2015, Orbán told a news conference in Strasbourg that he had never witnessed the likes of a “party financing scandal such as the EU had got itself involved in”.

The court instructed Altus to pay Orbán’s costs.

Altus was the leader of a consortium which won a 1.5 billion forint (EUR 4.8m) contract with the EU to prepare studies on the use of EU funding in Hungary. Orbán had argued that the EU contract was a covert form of party financing and the company should have never been awarded it.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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