Police step up protection for German, Russian embassies, Christmas fairs in Budapest, photo: MTI

György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, has told Kossuth Rádió’s “180 Minutes” programme that the events of the past twelve to eighteen months make it almost impossible to dispute the fact that illegal migration poses serious internal security risks to European states.

Mr. Bakondi was reacting to statements by German chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday following the terror attack in Berlin. One of the Chancellor’s statements was that it would be particularly hard to bear for all Germans if it was confirmed that the crime had been committed by a person who had requested protection and asylum in Germany; but, she said, German society will find the strength to continue to live as it wishes to: “freely, together and openly”.

The Chief Security Advisor pointed out that the gravity of the internal security risk can also be seen in statistical data: the number of criminal offences and national security threats is growing everywhere.

Mr. Bakondi added that in Europe over the past eighteen months around three hundred people have died and hundreds have been injured in various terrorist attacks.

Like every other European country, Hungary has law enforcement and intelligence service relations with Germany, which form “an intensive and expert-based system of contacts”.

He stated that on Tuesday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had offered the German chancellor the assistance of Hungarian authorities in the investigation – including intelligence activities related to other matters. “We believe that not only has Germany been attacked, but all the nations of the EU; therefore we must act jointly to prevent and eliminate such crimes”, Mr. Bakondi highlighted.

In Berlin on Monday evening a lorry was driven into a crowded Christmas market, killing twelve people and injuring many – some seriously.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI; kormany.hu

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  1. Patrick-Canadian Journalist. The premise of mr.Gyorgy Bakondi–the Prime Ministers security advisor is correct. Several years ago in good old liberal minded Canada the Director General of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) produced a very well researched report on migration. It stated quite bluntly that the biggest danger Canada faced was from LARGE immigrant groups! The then Harper goverment’s reaction was to IMMEDIATELY SUPPRESS IT–for political purposes. This blatant sort of nonsense is self destructive. I am a typical old fashioned Canadian centerist-a little left of centre –but having lived and worked in Yemen–Beruit etc. I have seen the mindset of these groups. They have no intention of changing THEIR WAYS–but–supported by some of our utterly useless spineless blinkered politicians–THEY ARE HELL BENT ON FORCING US TO CHANGE OURS TO SUIT THEM! The evidence of this is obvious isn’t it?? But not to our most of our idiots in the political system in the western world.The Visegard 4 are holding the line– for the moment (!) and for the sake of Europe they doing whats vital.

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