Kübekháza, 2017. május 27. A magyar-szerb-román hármashatárnál álló biztonsági határzár, a hármashatárkõ mellett, Kübekházánál 2017. május 27-én. MTI Fotó: Ujvári Sándor

Hungary is staunchly against any attempt to relax the existing legal framework, especially when it comes to the issue of illegal migration, the government spokesman said after a background briefing in Hungary’s Vienna embassy on Monday.

Speaking to MTI, Zoltán Kovács said Hungary also stood opposed to attempts to reinterpret the regulations in place.

By sticking to the rules, it would have been possible to prevent all sorts of problems that several countries such as Austria face today, he said, adding it was not only compliance with existing regulations that was required but also the adoption of observable and enforceable rules.

“If we do not follow the existing rules, however much we try to protect the internal borders, the Schengen system may crumble nevertheless,” he said.

Kovacs said sovereignty in such areas as border control should never be given up and should remain a national competence. At same time, in areas in which cooperation works well, an efficient system can be set up with the European Union, he added.

Addressing journalists questions, the government spokesman also commented on the Central European University. “Making amendments to the higher education law or making the operation of a funded organisation more transparent is the competence of a member state,” he said. “And still they are making symbolic cases out of all of this with which to attack Hungarian policies in general,” he added.

Source: MTI

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