Melilla, 2017. augusztus 4. Afrikai migránsokat felügyel egy polgárõr az észak-afrikai Melilla város Hipodromo tengerpartján 2017. augusztus 4-én. Huszonkét illegális bevándorlónak sikerült a spanyol parti õrség figyelmét kijátszva hajóval megközelíteni a Marokkóba ágyazódott spanyol exklávét, ahol a vízi mentõk riasztották a polgárõröket. (MTI/EPA/F. G. Guerrero)

According to the Chief Security Advisor of the Prime Minister, in the EU Member States where there are migrants in large numbers, the population has reached the limits of its tolerance.

György Bakondi highlighted on the Saturday evening programme of the public service television news channel: this, too, is confirmed by the fact that the majority of Austrians support the closure of the Brenner Pass and the Mediterranean route. He added at the same time that the upcoming elections also have an impact on public opinion in Austria and Italy.

He further said that Italy, France, Germany and the European Union itself are engaged in talks with the issuer countries and the transit countries concerned. The essence of the talks is that the EU may offer African countries financial grants in exchange for preventing the progress of migrants.

He pointed out that the setting up of so-called hotspots is being mentioned in European politics ever more frequently. These hotspots would serve to screen applicants wishing to enter Europe, and only those would be allowed into the territory of the EU who are genuinely eligible for asylum.

He also said before, all three major European migration routes are currently active.

Photo: MTI/EPA/F. G. Guerrero

Source: Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister – press release

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