Budapest (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s comment that the migrant crisis had come all of a sudden, made in a radio interview on Friday, is at odds with the facts, the Socialist leader said.

In a statement, Socialist leader Jozsef Tobias cited the prime minister as referring to the sudden nature of the crisis.

Noting that Lajos Kosa (ruling Fidesz), head of parliament’s defence committee, had warned of a growing migration wave as early as January and that the legislative body held a debate on migration back in February, Tobias said Orban had spent the period since then inciting fear and panic instead of creating measures to handle it humanely.

Tobias called on the prime minister to end his “fear mongering” and “war rhetoric” and to “calm down”.

The Socialist leader said the migrant crisis could only be resolved through cooperation with other EU member states, adding that “constantly insulting the Croatian prime minister” would not lead to a solution.

He called on Orban to push for a common European asylum system as well as the immediate suspension of the Dublin Agreement for the safety of Hungarians and in order to preserve the right to free movement within the Schengen zone. He added that Orban should ensure the humane treatment of refugees in Hungary.

Photo: MTI


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